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We've created a list of the most powerful web directories online to help you increase your web presence and improve search engine rankings.

Our free directory submission tool allows you keep track of all of the submissions you have done, including when you submitted, and what anchor text you used.

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Why submit to web directories?

Not all web directories are created equal. In fact there are thousands upon thousands that you don't want to submit to. But there are a large handful of free web directories that search engines trust and can increase your online visibility and help increase your link popularity as well. This improves your chances to achieving high rankings in the search engines and driving more targeted free traffic to your website.

With the changes in how Google looks at link building and web directories in general, it is now more important than ever to make sure that you keep your directory submissions as natural and as meaningful as possible.

Are Paid Web Directories Worth It?

There are a few advantages to submitting your website to the top paid directories. First, when you have to pay for a submission you are joining an exclusive group. A paid directory won't have as many submissions simply because of the barrier to entry. This brings us to the second advantage.

The act of paying for a directory listing shows the search engines that you care enough about your website/business to pay for advertising. This is a signal that you aren't some fly by night website looking to spam the search engines. By putting your money where your mouth is you are showing that you care about your website and are in it for the long haul.

The disadvantage to paying to submit your website to web directories is that it can get expensive really quickly if you own many websites or you are submitting to many of the top paid directories. Our advice to you is to sort the paid directories by domain authority and then by price. So you submit to the highest domain authority directories but the least expensive. This will give you the most bang for your buck.

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